Time for pushups!

Pushups are classic when you want to quickly build strength in your chest, triceps, shoulders and core – without any aids. With our training plan for 100 repetitions, you can go from zero to a hundred in just four weeks!

The push-up is a real classic among strength exercises. No wonder, it’s super effective and easy to perform, as our video above shows.

You can also train push-ups anytime and anywhere: at home in the living room, as an extra unit while jogging, on vacation and even in the office. After all, this exercise works entirely without aids.

What do pushups do?

The push-up is a very effective full-body exercise that strengthens many muscle groups at the same time: the chest and shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps and, due to the required body tension, the core and glutes are also challenged.

In addition, you train your coordination and improve your posture through push-ups. Through training, you strengthen the supporting muscles that you need for an upright walk. Especially with desk criminals, who often sit with drooping shoulders in front of the PC, exercises for the chest and shoulders are the best way to counteract bad posture and imbalances in addition to back training.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your training plan: 100 pushups in four weeks

With our training plan, you can do 100 pushups in just four weeks.

To do this, you train three times a week: for example on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can of course move the days individually, but keep the break days so that your muscles can regenerate and grow.

After each week, the number of repetitions increases until you get to 100 push-ups at the end.

You can of course also integrate the 100 push-ups challenge into your existing workout plan.
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How does the training plan work?

Pushups at RedSun is always added in our CrossFit classes as we know this is a very good exercise for your body and it is something we’ll train you to do at Redsun CrossFitLondon and you’ll be like many students who started off not being able to do one and can now do 50 in one go, even governments support fitness training and they do so for good reason.